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Our Excursions

These trips are tailor-made for anyone with a little curiosity about the world in which we live. Spend time learning from a professional ecological naturalist about some of the living treasures that surround us but often go unnoticed. The fascinating ecosystems which are the basis for much of the ocean’s diversity are revealed in a fun and relaxed outing for the whole family.  Bring a sense of adventure and prepare to be delighted by some of the less explored areas of the salt marsh and marsh island hammocks.

Palm Trees at Night

Shared Nights of Lights

Want to experience St. Augustine's festive lights, but don't need a private charter.  With this option, you can still enjoy the twinkling lights on the water, but share the experience with other individuals.  

$49 ++ per person

Romantic Night Out-3hr

You can combine our amazing Sunset cruise, with a custom charter option.  Instead of our 1.5 hour sunset cruise, choose this 3 hour option.  You will sail along the inlet, see the beautiful, wildlife, and sunset, but have to option to dock at a restaurant on the intra-coastal, grab a cocktail or appetizer, then enjoy being on the water for the return trip.

Need a custom charter, Get a Quote

If you would like someone from the company to reach out, please submit your email below.  However, if you know details about your desired charter, please email, directly.  Include pertinent information: date, time, and custom add ons  you would like included in your quote.  

Thanks for submitting!

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